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Aman Kyoto: A Contemporary Sanctuary


Aman’s new 24-room boutique property soon wrapped up a handful of design awards following its opening last September. Set in 72 acres of forest, the resort is split across several buildings containing suites, onsen, and the on-site restaurant. Walking across the huge paving slabs feels something close to a Jurassic Park movie, but constantly re-inforces the resort’s intention to fit seamlessly amongst the elements.

Designed by the late Kerry Hill, the interior design takes cues from traditional Japanese architecture, notably ryokans. Care and attention is given to every last detail to create what is truly a calming experience. Traditional elements meet modern craftsmanship throughout, such as cypress wood ofuro bathtubs, unique scrolls designed by Sakai Yuji and sake vessels used as vases. Design features continue through to the restaurant, where floor-to-ceiling windows give views of the outer gardens. Local cuisine is cooked by the on-site chef and served by specialist staff – all combining to create a model example of understated luxury.

Previously featured on the thespaces.com interior inspiration.
Find out more via aman.com

Photography by Ben Richards